Welcome To 5 Degrees

A property partner for Accountants, Finance & Real Estate professionals.

Striving to ensure quality stock with value-add. We believe business is about long-term relationships with key partners.

5 Degrees Property are a property advocacy based in Brisbane, Queensland. As advocates we are independent and not limited to a set list of properties. Rather, we are able to engage with all developers, agents and builders to find the right new property, in the right location, and at the right price for our Partners & Clients.

Whilst we have broad access to a wide range of properties, we constantly conduct due diligence on key areas throughout South-East Queensland to find the best investment locations. We then compliment this with a shortlist of core projects in these locations that meet strict criteria for investment.

We ensure that this core stock is from quality developers and builders, with high levels of finish. Most of which, if not all, are not available on the public market. Accordingly, these properties give an edge to our Partners & Clients when looking for an advantage in their investment outcomes.

Our team is anchored by Andrew; the Principal Partner, who came to property after spending nearly 10 years in the Australian military conducting community engagement & threat analysis. Using his experience and analytical methodology, complimented by his MBA, Andrew has a reputation as a diligent professional with a passion for property.

We constantly conduct due diligence on key areas throughout South-East Queensland to identify the best investment locations for our Partners & Clients.

Due Diligence

We regularly conduct independent & unbiased multi-source due diligence, subsequently creating white label reports for our Partners to use for their Client solutions.

Core Stock

Focusing on SEQLD, we are able to provide core stock from reputable sources that is supported by unbiased & comprehensive due diligence. This stock is not available through public portals and provides a market advantage to our Partners & Clients.

National Portfolio

With a network of builders, developers and wholesalers, we are ideally suited to connect Partners & Clients to exactly who they need to create the specific solution required.


We are not only experienced in direct & referral property sales; our Principal Partner has a military background spanning nearly 10 years in community engagement, specifically trend & behavioural analysis.

Timeliness in Service

Our commitment is to providing the highest quality outcomes to our Partners in the conduct of their business. We focus on timeliness; in correspondence, actioning searches & sales support to ensure high quality client investment solutions.